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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Home Learning Task - 12th December 2013

This week's home learning task is to design a new Christmas card. There are three themes to choose from or you can incorporate two or more themes together.

The themes are:

  • What we can do to help other people. 
  • What we can do around the world to make it a better place. 
  • What we can do to make people happy.

Create a collage or a careful illustration; how you design your card is up to you!

Please remember that your home learning task is due in on Thursday 19th December 2013. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

White tigers story

I've learnt about the iron man. I have been doing a news report. We watched a film about the iron man and it was awesome. We used VCOP.
I like tains wow £290

Go-Go Gorillas

in class 2 we made some Go-Go Gorillas out of clay. we designed our own design for our gorilla mine was spotty and stripy. the stripes were black and orange and the spots were multi coloured. armadillos was a Pudsey bear type.

this blog was by Anglefish
HORAY!!!!!! Its nearly christmas and we are all very exited! We have been practising lots because its nearly time for Christingle & Christmas play. We are all exited and we all would like father christmas to come. Also we cant wate for the Christmas fun force party!
I can not wait utill chrismas 22 days ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


22 days until Christmas!!!!!
I can't wait  for Christmas. I love being with my family. Do you know what you are getting and have you got your Christmas tree up.

Chimpanzee & Segway =trouble



If you are feeling lonely find some one who will look after you and then you can have a better life. When you see some one being bullied who's side are you on are you on the good side or the ad side your choice. If you're on the bad side afew days later you will feel sorry and you will not ever have a friend anymore . Please save and help and be helpful to other people.

Learning logs

hi there everyone in class 2 we have a new homework book we used to have a old orange book with plain white pages with squares but now we have a homework book for anything and all the pages are colourful with nothing on at all. plus we can do our homework however we want we can fold things in and out and draw, stick and much more. we all enjoy our new homework book so so much. thx for reading!



Christmas is almost here hazza .22 days til christmas