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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The mystery of the missing body part one

                                                                        Chapter 1 The dare                                                                                       In a world not far from earth there was a Mansion in a grave yard but it wasn't just any grave yard it was a hunted grave yard. Nobody went there not even on Halloween then one day a boy was dared to go and trick or treat as he slowly walked past he herd the laugh of the wickedest witch then the howl of a werewolf as he stepped closer it stopped  he stepped back and he could hear it again. It was like sound effects he looked left then looked right ,nothing no speakers no anything it was like his friends was trying to trick him but no it wasn't he walked further the ground shook under neath him he stopped fear dripped down him. he carried on.
After he got past the gave yard he knocked on the door hoping he will double as much as anyone else but there was no one there he tried again but still no one answered but then he noticed a light a shadow appeared and then disappeared and the light went off he ran back to the people who dared him they called him a chicken and shouted they would go.

                                                  Come next time to part 2 The Next Victim  


Monday, November 5, 2012

the blog story is coming

mine will come really soon i'm not sure about anteater but mine will come as soon as it can so get ready for it.