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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Been doing stuf about my  great  grandads medals

Dragon Quest did the dragon do it?

Dragon Quest Did the dragon Do it ?
"Ok look my name is Amilea  not dragon I know what your going through I was a kid aswell but Lilly turned me into a dragon. I was trying to save my sisters from the black hole but I was to late and  there gone where nobody knows but now am a dragon so yes I will "  spoke  misarable  Amilea 
"great so lets go" listened Saffire
"wait you didn't let me finish only if you try to help me find my sisters we only have to go to the libary", spoke Amilea so they both went to the libary .Finaly they both reached the same book that showed them where the sisters of the dragon were so it tured out they were around us all the time you couldn't here them or see but there all ways around us anyway they went back into the town  where they saw Niobe and Sony.
come see the next part of the Dragon Quest ahh a dragon !

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Read them here...

Dragon Quest Explain the game

Dragon Quest Explain the game
When Saffire had woken up Saffire grabed her coat and went outside to find help she new there would be some one that could help her so she serched for six minits.Suddenly she asked a dragon and the dragon spoke to Saffire " Hello why what slow down a bad fairy called Lilly is turning your sisters into dragons?" 
" yes yes! I need someone to help me please can you ?"
come see the next part did the dragon do it?
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Part Four of the dragon Quest What about Saffire?

Part Four of The Dragon Quest What about Saffire ?
Saffire went into her bed but did not fall asleep she watched Lilly through a tiny peep of her covers she saw her sisters asleep and Lilly doing her powerful magic .Slowly it made two balls .Then Boom. it was done the balls were inside them and what the balls would do is turn slightly into dragons each day then the girls woke up and went to bed not remembering nothing that Lilly done to them.The next day Niobe and Sony had claws but they
did not notice.Then the day after they both had a tail next scales and wings the next day they woke up short and on the floor and Saffire woke up and screemed "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" then Niobe and Sony Spoke to her " shh ok whats the matter with you were fine now be Quiet and go fetch us some of your food that you brought here" so Saffire did and gave them both two pieces then spoke to them
" have you two looked in the mirror? cause youve got to see yourselfs ",then saffire gave them a mirror each
and they both shouted " what did you do to us? were dragons we can tell you did this to us"
coming soon part Five 
Explain the Game
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New game out!!!!!

I'm making a game on the website the person who rated my game a 5 star tell other people  about it ( and others) the game is called volcano eruption  please play it and rate it and my other game. It's now out the game i will give you the link and for the other.
(The two links here)

Part three of the Dragons Quest

Part three of the Dragons Quest The Poison
They ran as fast as they could to Lilly's house ,Finally they were there and lilly gave them some food and then Niobe asked,"Can I have a drink?" lilly ran into her kitchen and got out the poison  then Sony asked, " Can I have a drink?" but Saffire didn't; she knew what Lilly would do so she stated with her water that she brought Saffire
was the youngest but the cleverest.
come see part four what about Saffire?
by anteater

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the dragon quest part two

The Dragon Quest part two what is the beam
Niobe slowly removed the piece of wood on top of the beam and there was a hole. They all one by one went into the hole. They all fell for an hour, well it seemed like an hour. Thump ! They had stopped falling they all followed a stone path but a fairy called Lilly shouted"you better come with me the dragons won't like you", 
"what dragons? why don't they like us why why? tell me please",Niobe pleaded
"No! Okay follow me," spoke Lilly so the girls all followed Lilly. But Lilly had a plan to turn them into dragons so she gave them a drink but actually it was a poison to make them fall asleep for an hour that is when she would do her magic.
come see part three the poison
by anteater 
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We did netball today.It was fun .We did some foot work and a little game.

That is game i like playing

The game I like is can be a rockstar and buy a house. we can buy a pet.

A game I like

The game is called platform creater you can Make your own game up it is so cool

Radio Waves

Thanks to the School Council for organising the vote for a station name - you chose TNews - here is the link so that you can become a reporter! Then it's up to you...

Radio Waves
Hi guys remember my last blog if you didn't this is what I told you"hey guys am gonna do a story about a dragon on the blog", and thats what i'm going to do so here we go .
The Dragon Quest
Along time ago in a world called Mioby. There was three girls that were investigators and they were all sisters.Their names were Niobe,Saffire and  Sony they wanted to know if there was a creature that they didn't know of .So every night and everyday they would go off into the mapel ( to us thats the woods) and they looked and looked until supper.But oneday they done their nomal stuff but they found a coulurful light under 
a piece of wood .
come see part two what is the beam 
coming soon to your computer.
by anteater

Friday, May 18, 2012

somthing to dance for

Saturday, May 5, 2012

to all teachers
if you have ipads or ipod  tough get the game temple run



"our school is doing eco here are some more pics"